Water Screensaver

Water Screensaver

Water Screensaver brings beautiful scenes with water to your screen

Who doesn't like water? We see water everywhere around us. Rivers, lakes, oceans. Our world contains more water than land. And isn't it relaxing? Don't you love listening to a gentle creek or a thunderous waterfall?

Water Screensaver brings beautiful scenes with water to your screen.

This unique screensaver will let you enjoy the peace and calmness of 13 very high quality images of water in natural settings.

You will enjoy watching lakes, ponds, creeks and more. All the scenes are really wonderful. Watch the flow of the rivers and the ripples on the ponds, and let your mind slow down from the daily rush and really enter a world of tranquility.

Enjoy the gentle surf on a beach, and watch the ripples formed by the wind on a peaceful lake. Whatever is your favorite scene, you will find it here.

Water Screensaver will surely be one of your favorites, especially after or during a long day filled with stress and worries. You will spend a long time unwinding and relaxing in front of your screen.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful natural scenes
  • Very relaxing and absorbing


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